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Best mask produced for a common Man | Washable | Reusable with superior protection & comfort | Armour |Pack of 3  - white

Best mask produced for a common Man | Washable | Reusable with superior protection & comfort | Armour |Pack of 3 - white

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Medic Mask is committed to serving the communities with best range of masks with the superior protection. 

Armour masks are washable cloth mask made from cotton fabric. 

The mask fits perfectly on your face with excellent breathability compared to any other masks.


     Skin friendly cotton fabric for all day comfort

     Overhead soft elastic loop and adjustable beads for a perfect fit and skin comfort.


        12 cm x 23 cm


     soft 100% cotton

Care Instructions:

     Gentle hand wash. Avoid Machine wash. Avoid hard detergent

     Upto 3 wash is recommended 

How to Put on and Remove a Face Mask

     Wash your hands with water and soap for at least 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with a minimum 60% alcohol base before touching the face mask

     Place the face mask over your nose and mouth, and secure beads behind your head

     Adjust the clip on top of your nose for the perfect fit.

     Need to ensure your nose and mouth are fully covered, the mask should fit snugly to the cheeks. Cover all gaps between your face and the mask. 

     Avoid touching your face while wearing a face mask. If you do touch the face mask or your face, you should immediately wash your hands.

     Remove the face mask by removing the loops from your head. Avoid touching the front of the face mask when removing it. 

     If you are not using the mask, ensure placing it in a  ziplock pack provided


     Wash your hands after removing the mask.


        The product has been certified by the South Indian Textile Research Association & Eurofins.

        **Please note, due to the nature of this item, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns. 

Highest Protection
BFE>99% 3micron | ASTM F 2101:2019
PFE>97% 0.3micron | ASTM F2299M -03 (2017)
Splash resistant Pass at 175mmHg | ASTM F1862M - 17
Delta P <22 Highly breathable | IS 16289 : 2014
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